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Our Story


Hey!! Jodi and Sean here

After running a fitness business in the Boston area and working 24 hours plus for 7 years.....our kids and our sanity were going crazy.
We needed a change! So we decided to close up shop and move to sunny Florida!!! 
We LOVE our 3 kids, we LOVE inspiring others and wanted to put the fun back in our family and Life!! 

Why follow us or listen to our Florida podcast?
Our big priority is taking adventures around the Tampa Bay area and all of Florida.  We started the podcast to share the experiences with others.... And hopefully you'll get inspired to make a change, take a step back and re align your priorities.... 
So you can get started Living your Permanent Vacation Project! 

What is the Permanent Vacation Project?
It does not mean you sit around all day at the beach and drink margaritas. It could BUT it's an idea to make sure you are living life as much as possible on your terms. Take adventures, big or small, short or long.... To try new things, go to different places and challenge yourself to live a life that is not BORING!! 

What is your Permanent Vacation Project?!?!?!?!

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