Show Notes

A Day at the Tampa Bay Sporting Clays,

The sporting clays courses located in Tampa Bay are unrivaled. Three different courses to match to your skill level and provide you with a fun experience in the great outdoors.

I will tell you it did not matter if you ever shot a  gun before or it was your first time, you'll have a blast! (Pun intended)

In this episode Sean talks about shooting a gun for the first time in over 20 years...
Goes over how everyone on his team had no clue what they were doing....
How he lost to a 19 year old because of his old eyes,,, Haha.

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Welcome to our Podcast!! The Permanent Vacation Project Podcast is hosted by Sean Mallett & Jodi Reath.  They are Former longtime residents of Massachusetts, Owners of Millions of Muscles Fitness and a couple with 3 children......Two years ago decided to take the plunge and move to Sunny Tampa!!