Show Notes

After a short stay in the Boston area, we headed even more north to Ashland, NH and the Cold Springs Resort. Its Jodi's little slice of heaven once a year where her family owns a time share since 1980.

It was just what we needed, a relaxing week in the woods.  We spent a day at the river, a couple hikes, great food at local restaraunts and hung by the pool with old friends....

Here are some of the places that we enjoyed and speak about on the podcast.

Stinson Mountain

Rattlesnake Mountain

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Welcome to our Podcast!! The Permanent Vacation Project Podcast is hosted by Sean Mallett & Jodi Reath.  They are Former longtime residents of Massachusetts, Owners of Millions of Muscles Fitness and a couple with 3 children......Two years ago decided to take the plunge and move to Sunny Tampa!!

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Published: Aug. 05, 2021 @ 3AM Edit


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